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Powerful Concentrates

Odour and Stain Remover Concentrate

The Most Powerful Odour Eliminator

So powerful that it rids skunk smell from pets and furniture.  Great for any nasty odour that makes life unbearable.

Odour and Stain Concentrate
Disinfectant Concentrate

Kills Germs and Viruses Immediately

Rapidly eliminates harmful bacteria, germs and viruses with a revolutionary and natural formulation.  With a 99.9% efficacy rate, this natural formula is as good as it gets.

Disinfectant Concentrate
Scale and Scum Cleaner Concentrate

Scale and Scum Eradicated

An extremely powerful replacement for acid in the battle to eliminate lime, calcium and rust. It provides powerful and fully biodegradable cleaning to remove tough water scale, soup scum, rust stains, grease, mildew and moulds.

Scale and Scum Concentrate
Multi Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Powerful Concentrates

This Multi Purpose Cleaner powers through grease, oil and stains unlike anything available today.  This formulation can do all the cleaning typically associated with hydrochloric (bleach), phosphoric or acid based products.....without the related health and safety concerns

Multi Purpose Concentrate
Glass Cleaner Concentrate

For All Things Shiny

A natural and powerful solution to make glass and other reflective surfaces shine and sparkle.  Environmentally safe, non hazardous and biodegradable, this formula is engineered to quickly and effectively remove grime, oil, grease and scum from your shiny surfaces

Glass Cleaner Concentrate

I run a daycare out of my house and use the odour eliminator on the diaper pail. It certainly has made my husband happy.

Tammy M.

Used the scale and scum to get the rust off my car rims. It was amazing, they look brand new

Conner M.

Dog gone. Carpet in sunroom done. Cupboards and floor and doors and stoop and deck and patio done! I went outside and came back in - and I DIDNT smell skunk! This s#@% did the trick!!!!!!!

Bill S.

Three Powerful Reasons